Childhood Books

The Giver

15 Books That Changed You Profoundly

What is it about childhood books that really stick with you? I feel like the books I read as a kid had the most impact and were the most memorable, and will always have a place in my heart. For instance, I will never, ever forget The Giver even though I’m convinced I only understood like 50% of the book as a child (I reread it again this year and was slightly horrified at all the horrible things that happened in it that I had no memory of). THAT is a book which truly shows how necessary pain and hard work can be for a fulfilled life. Sabriel, which is also on the list, became a favorite book at an early age and has held its place at the top of the list to this day. And many other books stay in my memory from the wonderland of childhood. It can be rare to find a book that has the same impact on me today. Although, who knows; maybe I’ll look back in five or ten years and vividly remember certain books that I read at this age and which shaped me as a result.

Do the books on this list represent your childhood reading memories? Are there any books that Buzzfeed missed?


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