7 Home Libraries That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Someday, when I have my own house, I will have my own library.

That is 100% non-negotiable. Even if I have to build a whole wing onto the house it’s going to happen.

So in the meantime, why not look at some of the best home libraries out there for inspiration?

My dream library really looks like this:



Now I just need a millionaire to kidnap me in return for my father, fall in love with me, and give me a whole library. 

But for those of us who would prefer not to be kidnapped, here are 7 libraries to inspire.

1. Image

For when those pesky books won’t fit on the first level of your office. (via)

2. Image

Circles everywhere, and a chandelier to top off the super class. (via)

3. Image

For when you need to cram your books in every nook and cranny. (via)

4. Image

For savoring books with caviar and brandy. (via)

5. Image

That spiral staircase really adds something, doesn’t it? (via)

6. Image

When in doubt, make a rainbow bookshelf! (via)

7. Image

Feel like you’re reading outside without braving the elements. How much better can it get? (via)

What’s in YOUR dream library?


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