The Best Products for Book Lovers, Part I

…and people who love punctuation.

Check this out:


It’s an ampersand necklace! Cool! (via PinkChemistry on Etsy)

Modcloth has great ampersand stuff too:

It’s a Lampersand. Get it? Ha ha, Modcloth.

I want this ring set like I want chocolate.

(Similar to “saying a word too many times” syndrome, I’ve looked at so many ampersand products that it looks like a meaningless symbol now. My eyes…)

Check out this interrobang wall hanging/poster:


The interrobang is the least appreciated form of punctuation, and yet it is undeniably the coolest. (via FolioCreations on Etsy)

Have you come across any impressive pieces of punctuation jewelry/art? And why isn’t the interrobang a mainstream form of punctuation yet?? The world needs to know.