I’m Back!

Hello, blog world!

So, I’ll admit it’s been a while. Like, months. And that’s like infinity in blog years.

But I want to be able to have my own outlet for creativity where I talk about things that I love.

Plus the amount of books I’ve read this year is just pathetic. Usually by this time of year I’ve read at least 20 books since January, and right now, according to my Goodreads account, I’ve read six. Just SIX? What kind of sad little life am I leading?!

I’m going to revive my reading habit by starting up book reviews again. That should at least keep me accountable for reading more.

I’m about 100 pages from the end of Game of Thrones Book 1 (yes, I know GoT is all over the place right now, but whatever), and when I’m finished I’ll post a review. I hope you’ll tune in.